We provide a full range of pump systems

Welcome to Delta-p

Delta-p is a high quality supplier of pumps, pump packages and related equipment for the oil & gas market. Together with several leading European pump manufacturers Delta-p provides a complete product range, meeting all applications with demanding specifications for the oil & gas industrie; NORSOK, Statoil TR, Shell DEP and others.

Delta-p provides a full range of services;

  • Pre engineering
  • Process engineering and design equipment selection
  • 3D modelling and detail engineering procurement
  • Manufacturing full scale testing and documentation
  • After sale service


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After market / service

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Delta-p SmartSave

A product for the green shift

All countries in the world have through the Paris Agreement committed themselves to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy use. The focus on cutting costs and saving the environment has never been greater and more important than now. Looking at pumps and pump operations great savings can be made, and this requires cooperation between us as a supplier and you as a customer. Based on our expertise and experience, we have developed a product that provides energy efficient solutions for you.

A product we call SMARTSAVE ™.

Delta-p division

Precise and accurate mixing technology

  • Power mixing, Sampling and blending systems for all Hydrocarbon fluid applications
  • Improved accuracy of fiscal metering  – Accurate to 0.025%,
    comply with ISO 3171, API 8.2, ASTM D 4177, IP 6.2
  • Unlimited turndown ratio and no pressure losses
  • Comprehensive range of sampling accessories / instruments


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