Our Sundyne API 610 type OH6 pumps are integrally geared, heavy duty and multi-stage. These pumps are able to safely reach extremely high pressures and will run reliably for 5 years without an overhaul. Pump stages are powered by a single gearbox and motor resulting in energy and space savings. Sundyne multi-stage pumps generally utilize only 25% of the space and require much less maintenance than between bearing pumps and generate extremely high pressures.

Design features

  • Two stage overhung pump according to ISO 13709/API 610 OH6 design recommendations for integrally geared pumps
  • ATEX certified
  • Continuous operations for 5 years with no overhaul
  • Barske impeller low NPSH technology
  • Optimized pump engineering to meet the BEP – Best Efficiency Point to save energy through effiency
  • Safely reaches extremely high-pressures quickly

OH6 Performance

Q (m3/h)  250
P (barg)  70

dH (m)  1921
T (⁰ C)  +340