Service at site or workshop

To maintain a safe and problem free operating line and to have normal life circle costs, the recommended service intervals must be followed. Our skilled service engineers can provide service either at customer site or in our workshop.


The actual equipment will be stored at customer site and necessary preservation must be followed by customer. This can be handled by Delta-p staff. Then we will check each individual equipment and make sure that necessary preservation is performed. If the storage period is extending, we will make sure that correct packing and storage environment is sufficient. Delta-p will keep record of the worked performed during all stages.


During commissioning phase in the scope of work, Delta-p will utilize the necessary expertise and has dedicated staff to fulfill the tasks. Our main goal is to bring utilities and safely get the production into service. Delta-p will be present during commissioning and start-up for our own products and systems. The scope of commissioning will be discussed early in the project to guarantee quality and smooth start-up.


To guarantee continuous operation and long lifetime, correct installation is important. Delta-p staff will ensure that the equipment is installed according to specification.
During start-up, Delta-p staff will ensure that the equipment is working according to the contractual specifications. When the equipment is successfully installed and running, a CoC document will be issued.

We provide:

  • Complete overhaul
  • Service and upgrades
  • Testing according to test procedure of originally delivered equipment and all necessary certificates and guarantee.