TWIN SCREW PUMPS, Heavy duty API 676


Dobble entry, between bearing twin screw pump

Design features

  • Rotors (Screws and Shafts) Made out of a Single Piece of Bar Stock
    • Limited Shaft Deflection
    • Low Bearing Loads
  • Maximum Allowable Rotor Deflection Limited to 50% of Radial Clearance between Rotor Housing and Rotor
    • Highest Process Safety
  • Gear Designs with Helical Gear Teeth
    • Reduced Noise Level
    • Easy Maintenance
  • Interchangeable Liner
    • Easy Maintenance, Low Costs
  • Special Rotor Design Available
    • Minimized Pulsation
    • Optimized NPSHR
  • Low Axial Flow Velocity
    • Excellent Priming
  • Axially Balanced Rotors
    • No Axial Forces to Bearings
  • Suitable for Dry Running
    • Multiphase
  • All metallurgies available
  • Design to NORSOK and customer specifications available

L4 Performance

Q (m3/h)  5000
Dp (bar)  150

Visc (cSt) 150.000
T (⁰ C)  +350