Peristaltic pumps for secure handling of viscous liquids with particles and safety storage.
Often used by firefighters around the world and also in Norway.

Design features

Key features for the ELRO Peristaltisk pumpe

– Eacy to maneuver by hand and transport
– Capacity up to 20m³/H
– Operational time up to 5 continuous hours
– Outlet pressure 2bar ( max ).
– Pumping of media with entrained solids o f 12mm, oil and acids.
– Suction lift up to 9m dry running.
– Can be supplied with electric, gasoline or diesel engine.
– The EL-motor needs 6A ( 1500 W ) as start power.
– Ideal for abrasive, viscose and shear sensitive media

– Vacuum strainer
– Residue suction nozzle
– Transport drum 180l
– Pulsation dampner
– Various couplings

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Q (m3/h)  20
P (barg)  2